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"My son has consistently had behavoral problems since he began school.  He's been considered hyper active and teachers have always stated he lacks the ability to focus.  I've tried counselors, medications, etc...nothing seemed to be affective.  That is, until I stumbled upon VQ® training.  Their program has turned my son around.  He is focused, excelling in his schoolwork, and behaving in class."
Maria C.
Tucson, AZ   

"Therapists offered a variety of medications to "test" on my daughter.  I always felt there was a better option other than medicine.  Working with the VQ® team, provided the results we were looking for...without the assistance of pharmaceuticals."

Debbie H. 
Tucson, AZ

"My son is a quick learner, but he always seemed to fail in the classroom.  I have hired a variety of tutors, and professionals, to help my son with his studies since his grades seemed well below what I had expected from him.  Then, I was introduced to the VQ® team.

My neighor utilized VQ® training to help his son excel in sports and thought it may be an option for us.  It was...turns out he was not concentrating properly because of a minor visual problem.  It's fixed and tutoring is no longer necessary since he's top in his class!"   

Michael D.
Phoenix, AZ

"My son seemed to lack the hand/eye coordination needed to perform well at baseball.  I looked into other sports, but he insisted on baseball.  After a few weeks of play, his coach mentioned VQ® sports might be the solution.  Not only do I have a happier kid, I've got a future baseball star on my hands."

David W.
Tucson, AZ    

After my father's stroke, his walking and eysight became a real issue.  He had to rely on all of us for continual assistance.  It was plain to see the once independent man was having a hard time adapting to not being able to do things on his own.  VQ® rehab changed that and, within months, he had his independence back."

Jaqueline S.
Phoenix, AZ

"Even in my old age, I took for granted the ability to read, drive, and walk.  After my accident, I quickly realized how important those functions were to my independence.  My son brought me to VQ® rehab and I must be honest, I was a skeptic.  However, after my first session I realized this was the real deal and I was well on my way to recovery. Thank You VQ®!"

Donald M.
Tucson, AZ