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Proper education has always been an important factor in avoiding issues and enhancing abilities.  Our professional team is available for Lectures, VQ® Screenings, and Staff Education.  We help you identify problems before they become real issues!


Dr. Tanya Polec, and Dr. David Friedel of Tucson, are available for lectures at hospitals, schools, athletic programs, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, and more. As reviewed on our homepage, their extensive backgrounds provide your venue with  professionals unmatched in any region. Their detailed oriented approach leaves everyone attending with an understanding of the visual system and its recognizable symptoms.  Unlike many in their field, they have experience that goes far beyond medical.  Their extensive training in public speaking ensures all in attendance absorb everything presented to them.

Tanya's seminar was full of information I never even thought of in my years of coaching.  She has shown me how to take my players to the next level and identify the players that need this therapy to bring their skill level up to par.  I highly reccommend all levels of athletic programs to pursue VQ® training!

Chuck T.
Mesa, Az

Wow! Who'd a thought a short lecture would re-define the way I looked at learning.  She took a  extensive science and broke it down into a topic I feel I can present on now.  What a speaker!

Michelle M.
Scottsdale, AZ


Our team of professionals will come to your school and conduct VQ® Screenings.  No class is too big, or too small.  We believe learning related vision problems must be caught early in life to avoid serious impacts on a child's education.  We will provide a basic evalution and leave your faculty with enough information to identify visual learning issues in the future.  With early diagnosis, and a staff knowing what to look for, our students avoid all the issues that come with problematic visual systems and excel in all levels of education!  

The VQ® team came to our school and provided not just your average screening, they made it fun for our students. They left us much more educated than before they arrived and identified issues among students.  I never could of imagined behavoiral issues could have stemmed from visual problems.  Thanks VQ®!

Elizabeth S.
Tucson, AZ

Staff Education

Any workforce, school faculty, or athletic program is aware that staff education is paramount when desiring to be the best. Bringing your staff up to speed to be able to observe red flags can increase the ability to diagnose visual dysfunctions early on in education and treatment. By now, you understand the importance of the visual system and how mastering it can unlock true potential.  Our professionals will provide the keys to success and leave your facility with knowledge that unlocks the code of greater awareness. Your students, and patients, will be seeing clearer and performing at a higher level!

 My employer likes to have his staff up to date on all the latest treatments so we can outperform other practices.  After listening to Dr. Polec speak about her VQ® program, I am thinking differently about focus, concentration, and excellance.  Vision really is beyond 20/20.

Robert V.
Phoenix, AZ