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Do you, or your child, have a problem retaining information?  Does your child lack the ability to focus and is considered by most to be "all over the place"?  Our Developmental Therapists will help with concentration, reading, and put the student back on track toward success.

Seeing is our dominant sense and our primary source for gathering information in learning. Vision problems can have a profound effect on how we learn. Many children who experience academic difficulty may have a visual dysfunction in addition to their primary reading or learning dysfunction. These conditions are treatable. Many learning difficulties can be attributed to vision problems that are not detected during typical school vision screenings.

Visual Learning

There is a strong connection between vision, reading, and learning. Many learning-related issues have a vision component that can be addressed.  Does you child daydream, does his/her ability to read and retain information seem non-existent, been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, problems concentrating while studying, or do they not seem able to ever stay on task?  You are not alone!  And yes, your child is probably a genius but just needs a little help getting there. Our Tucson Optometrists team CAN HELP!

My son has consistently had behavioral problems since he began school.  He's been considered hyper active and teachers have always stated he lacks the ability to focus.  I've tried counselors, medications, etc...nothing seemed to be effective.  That is, until I stumbled upon VQ® training.  Their program has turned my son around.  He is focused, excelling in his schoolwork, and behaving in class.

Maria C.
Tucson, AZ 

Ask yourself...is medicine necessary?

It is safe to say that many behavioral problems, and learning difficulties, are often treated with prescription medications.  Although this form of treatment may be necessary, it is very possible your child may be having a visual skill(s) difficulty that is putting them off balance.  Optometric visual skills development could be your answer! It could be something as simple as convergence insufficiency that, when corrected, rehabilitates your child.

Therapists offered a variety of medications to "test" on my daughter.  I always felt there was a better option other than medicine.  Working with the VQ® team, provided the results we were looking for...without the assistance of pharmaceuticals.

Debbie H. 
Tucson, AZ

Achieve Success

Do not let a bad diagnosis result in your child never reaching his/her potential. Visual issues will not go away with age and are commonly misdiagnosed.  

Our learning centers in Tucson, AZ have proven to develop a child's ability to read and retain information, focus and stay on task, and our treatments have time and time again resulted in a child developing without the assistance of medication.  We can help and we can start the process immediately!

My son is a quick learner, but he always seemed to fail in the classroom.  I have hired a variety of tutors, and professionals, to help my son with his studies since his grades seemed well below what I had expected from him.  Then, I was introduced to the VQ® team.

My neighbor utilized VQ® training to help his son excel in sports and thought it may be an option for us.  It was...turns out he was not concentrating properly because of a minor visual problem.  It's fixed and tutoring is no longer necessary since he's top in his class! 

Michael D.
Phoenix, AZ