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Having problems walking without assistance?  Do you not see clearly anymore and feel as though your independence has vanished as you rely on others? Learn how our brain rehabilitation programs have been restoring the confidence of our clients nationally! 

Walk Upright

The visual system is often affected when the brain is injured by trauma, stroke, or brain tumors. Brain rehabilitation may be needed in order to see correctly and function correctly! Many brain injury patients feel spatially disoriented because they are either missing part of their visual field, or because their depth perception is altered. When visual skills such as tracking, focusing and depth perception are impaired, this interferes with daily activities such as reading, driving, reaching, writing, eating, or walking.  Let us help you!

After my father's stroke, his walking and eyesight became a real issue.  He had to rely on all of us for continual assistance.  It was plain to see the once independent man was having a hard time adapting to not being able to do things on his own.  VQ® rehab changed that and, within months, he had his independence back.

Jaqueline S.
Phoenix, AZ

You have double vision
Our Therapy helps you see clearer

Vision Therapy programs offer much higher cure rates for turned eyes and/or lazy eye when compared to eye surgery, glasses, and/or patching, without therapy. The earlier you receive Vision Therapy the better, however, our Tucson offices have successfully treated patients well past 21 years of age.

Regain Confidence

With us, you can expect your vision skills to improve significantly or completely when sticking to our program. Do you want to walk better, read better, feel better, and rely less on the world around you?  Of course you do!  Just because you've been in an accident, or are a little behind in a specific visual function, does not mean it has to stay that way!  Call us to schedule an appointment and we will immediately begin assisting you in regaining your independence.

Even in my old age, I took for granted the ability to read, drive, and walk.  After my accident, I quickly realized how important those functions were to my independence.  My son brought me to VQ® rehab and I must be honest, I was a skeptic.  However, after my first session I realized this was the real deal and I was well on my way to recovery. Thank You VQ®!

Donald M.
Tucson, AZ