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The secret behind the performance of collegiate and professional athletes goes far beyond great diet and intense exercise.  Our sport training will develop the five essential visual skills necessary to truly  develop your game and compete at the highest levels!

See Clearer

The movement of your eyes is controlled by muscles.  Our proven methods train these muscles for superior sport performance. VQ® sport develops a program specifically tailored to the individual's needs. We program our athletes around the globe to react faster, have optimum peripheral awareness, sharper focus, and a variety of additional visual skills.

My son seemed to lack the hand/eye coordination needed to perform well at baseball. I looked into other sports, but he insisted on baseball. After a few weeks of play, his coach mentioned VQ® sports might be the solution. Not only do I have a happier kid, I've got a future baseball star on my hands. 

David W.
Tucson, AZ

Optometric Vision Therapy made a big difference in my life and career. I was fortunate that my vision problems were caught early in life. Learning related vision problems can have a serious impact on a child's education. Don't wait, take action today.

Larry Fitzgerald
Arizona Cardinals
2008 NFC West Champions

In order to attain a perfect visual system, an athlete must be strong in all five visual skills.  

VQ® (Visual Intelligence) of Tucson goes well beyond 20/20 vision, enhancing our athlete’s visual system and giving them the edge over their competition. 20/20 scores are a measure of ones ability to see clearly at a fixed distance when looking at a static, non-moving object.  Sports require much more dynamic and demanding processes from the visual system. If you desire to be the very best at your sport, you better pick up the phone and set an appointment to begin your mastery of the 5 visual skills!